I was given an award for excellence in Jewelry from the American Craft Council and Artful Home during the American Craft Made Show in October, 2022.


An Award of Excellence in Jewelry

I was given this Award of Excellence during the American Craft Council's American Craft Made show in St. Paul, MN, much to my surprise. I didn't even know they gave awards.

When a group of people congregated outside my booth on Saturday, my first thought was, 'what did I do wrong.' This was the first time I'd done one of their shows so I figured I might have been a little too pushy trying to get my booth set up the way I wanted it. They were smiling so I was confused. 

I think you can see all that in the photo below. I look exhausted, wrinkled, but I'm happy to see that I managed to smile.

KKing- Award of Excellence- in front of her booth