Slowly made, thoughtful pieces

More than adornment

entire collection

Brooches and Pins

An eclectic group brooches. Silver, agate, jasper, baroque pearl, star ruby, peridot. To me, they are all statement pieces and somewhat loud about it.


New Pieces

New pieces. Earrings, necklaces, rings, a bracelet.

New Pieces


Big, bold rings, statement rings.

Go big, go tiny.



The necklaces are like old myths: Their sense of time isn’t always linear. They happen in their own way.



Fun, whimsical, fanciful and sometimes silly.



Pendants are solitary moments.



Pieces Under $300

Smaller works. I take details from larger pieces to create these smaller ones.

Under $300

What People are Saying

My love gave to me the filigree on the dark side of the moon. You never cease to make me swoon with your care and love and attention to detail. They’re perfect and I love them. Thank you for being in the world and making such beautiful things.

Marietta B

I just bought one of your necklaces. Your art is AMAZING! I love the delicate but strong nature themes. Truly beautiful.

Andrea TRole

Her jewelry brings to the body a world of analogies and symbols: jazz, architecture, mythology, the human hand, all crafted to bring out the essence and beauty of silver.  It’s like wearing a fascinating conversation, or an indelible memory, a dream….or a myth.  Glorious stones heighten the excitement and impact, begging to be worn, touched, shared, and brought along on the adventures they inspire.

Bruce W

Intricate is definitely a word I'd use to describe your work... Skillfully formed silver around ...stone..original designs. Each piece is complicated and stylishly executed. Maybe gracefully intricate would be an interesting way to describe them. Some of the pieces are even fanciful. They are Imaginative. The rings are bold, one or two have "attitude".  Hahaha. They are all very beautiful.

Suzanne R

For her adventurous integration of process, history and technique. (They gave me an award for Excellence in Jewelry during their St. Paul, MN show, 2022.)

American Craft CouncilArtful Home

Beautiful work and I think your descriptions are excellent, pithy and personal. Completely unique and very personal art.

Daniel H

Just wanted to tell you how much I am moved by your work. I'm a self-taught novice silversmith, just studying on my own. Your work is fantastic! Thank you.