Sizing for Rings, Bracelets, and Necklace Lengths


Any rings with multiple stones in them are one of a kind and can't be resized. The amount and size of stones have usually dictated the ring size.

Since most of my rings have a lot of detail, resizing, if I can do it, is a custom order. There will be an extra cost and it will take time. Please allow 4-6 weeks. 

If the resizing is more than 1 size larger or smaller, it will be a complete reworking of the ring and chances are it will look quite different.

If you know your ring size, great. If you don't, take one of your rings that fits the way you like to a jeweler and ask then to calculate the size for you.


Cuff bracelet's measurements are taken from the inside. You can check my measurements on your wrist using a cloth tape measure, or you can measure the inside of a bracelet you find comfortable to see if my bracelet will fit you.

The link bracelet's measurements are the length with the clasp.


Necklace Length Chart