About us


I’m a self-taught jeweler with an art background. I studied film and illustration in art school and only came to sculpture and jewelry accidentally later on. My pieces are called “wearable sculpture” because I think of them as sculpture first and then jewelry.

I’m a slow designer. Part of my process is to walk away for a while and let the time in between kind of erase what I think I’ve done so I can see the piece for what it is. Then I know what to do next. Engaging like this with the piece as I make it is the way I develop the “story”. I’ve had stones tell me what to do, but I think the design and the metal need this nurturing process to bring out their stories.

So I’m building stories through my working process. They are stories I hope will continue with the wearer because it’s vital that the wearer is part of the conversation. The piece isn’t complete until then. I love seeing my pieces on someone else. They are so different. They’ve been embellished.

I try to imbue my pieces with an intelligent love. Love with a brain, in other words, which is a love that is observant, bemused, interested in everything, aware that this is what it means to be alive. Art reminds all of us to be alive to the world and to be interested in it.

The stories give the reason for the piece to exist and be worn. The stories are why the piece is art. The metal and design provide a place for the stories to live. I began the story. The wearer continues it. Wear it with pleasure.