About Me

I’m a self-taught jeweler with an art background. I studied film and illustration in art school and only came to jewelry accidentally later on.

When I think about metals and gemstones, I think about what had to happen for them to appear, the exploration that brought them to our attention, how they light a fire in our imagination, and I see this all encompassing story. We sense a connection to the metal and gemstones since we come from the same substance. That’s why we’re drawn to them.

When I design on the computer—which is working with a container that has no dimension—I make something out of nothing. The metal and gemstones give it form and meaning.  I never know what to expect. I've had stones speak to me, I feel like I nurture the metal through details. Metal is totally weird. It usually doesn't do what I expect so I have to really pay attention. I get lost in the physicalness of the process even when it frustrates me.

I once read that the universe is not a fairy tale. Yet somehow these elements have appeared and we have turned them into beautiful objects. It’s all these contradictions we live with that make our stories.


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