I have a piece in Missed Connections at the Art Produce Gallery June 6, 2024 to July 7, 2024. 3139 University Ave. San Diego, CA. Go see.


Missed Connnections at Art Produce in San Diego, June 6-July 7

Baroque Pearl Face This is my piece in the show. Art Produce Gallery June 6- July 6. 3139 University Ave, San DIego, CA.  If you're going to be at the SNAG conference at San Diego State June 5-8, then please stop by. I'm one of 23 jewelers in the show. The premise is based on the Craig's List category called Missed Connections, where people write...

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Lapidary Class, October 2023

I took a week long lapidary class with Michael Boyd at Brooklyn Metal Works the last week in October. Michael is a fabulous teacher and the eleven other people in the class were all incredibly skillful jewelers, so it was a wonderful class. These are what I cut during the class. There's prehnite (the green), purple garnet, aquamarine, topaz, lemon quartz (the other green), and...

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Recent Aquisitions

The small dendritic agate and the tanzanites I found online. The large dendritric agate I found at Golconda Jewelry. It's an Alatakyr dendritic agate from Kazakhstan. The smaller ones are from India. All the baroque pearls came from the NY Mineral Show, which is small but eclectic. The tanzanites are becoming earrings. I've finished the design. I think I know what the dendritic agate, and...

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