Fishbones Tourmaline Pendant


One of a kind. A statement piece. It's a bit long for everyday wear.

Sterling silver, 2-part pendant and 18” chain.

With a 25 carat terminated tourmaline, 18.6mm x 20mm x 10mm.

The pendant is about 4.3” x 1.73” x .47”. It's in 2 pieces: The fish head and stone are one piece and the bones are the other. They are connected by jump rings in the back.

When I saw this piece of tourmaline I immediately knew I could make another Fishbones with it. She wouldn't sell it to me unless I promised not to cut it up. I had no intention to cut it.

Modeled on a computer using Zbrush. The top was 3d printed in a castable resin, the bottom piece was printed then molded. Both cast in silver, then finished with a liver of sulfur patina.

Size and Measurements

Caring for Silver Jewelry

Allow 5-7 days for shipping. This piece has shipping insurance included in the price. A signature confirmation (package signed for at delivery) is required by the insurer since it is over $1000.

An email link is at the bottom of the page. Ask me anything about the piece.