Shell Earrings


Post back sterling silver earrings, medium weight.

The 2 garnets are tumbled and each about. 1.6 carats,

The 2 peridot are polished and about 1.4 carats.

The peridot shell is a little smaller than the garnet shell: .38” x .32” x .25” for the peridot shell and .42” x .36” x .23” for the garnet.

The top shells are .69” x .45” x .2” together.

The 2 lower shells on the chain can move up and down so the earrings can be more or less dangly and even each one can look a little different.

Dinner-in-a-nice-place-by-the-beach kind of earrings.

Designed and modeled on the computer in Zbrush, printed in a castable resin, cast in sterling silver, and finished with a liver of sulfur patina.

Allow 5-7 days for shipping.