The Expressions Necklace


Sterling silver necklace, the chain is 16” with a 2” extension for the central faces. 

The faces are all about 1” high width between .6” and .75” and depth is around .5".

The two center masks are slightly larger. The lower central one is 1.4” x .6” x .4” and the upper one is 1” x .75” x .6”.

A  pandemic piece. There are a few faces from the past, a few completely new ones, but the majority I made by transforming other faces I had made before. I looked at comedians and netsuke for new expressions. I was trying for as many expressions and emotions as I could get. Since this was a process for coming to terms with the huge transformations the pandemic was forcing on all of us, this necklace is an epic.

I modeled these on the computer in Zbrush.  A 3d print of the model was made to cast from, then it was cast in silver. I do my own finishing and polishing.

Size and Measurements

Allow 5-7 days for shipping.