The Expressions Necklace


A  pandemic piece. I sculpted most of the faces at the beginning of the pandemic. There are a few from the past, a few completely new ones, then the majority I made by transforming other faces I had made before. I was usually changing the age and sex of the face or if they were realistic, I made them cartoony, changes like that. I had one face that resisted the sex change, so I gave him a hooked nose and horns. That'll teach him. He still has a Lucille Ball mouth. I looked at comedians and netsuke for expressions. I was trying to come to terms with the huge transformations the pandemic was forcing on all of us, so this necklace is an epic.

Sterling silver, liver of sulfur patina.

The faces are all about 1” high width between .6” and .75” and depth is around .5".

The two center masks are slightly larger. The lower central one is 1.4” x .6” x .4” and the upper one is 1” x .75” x .6”.

The chain is 16” with a 2” extension for the central faces.

I modeled all but 3 of these faces during the early pandemic lock-down in New York. I was trying for as many expressions and emotions as I could get.

Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.