Topaz Flower Ring


Natural Imperial topaz, sterling silver ring, size 7

This is a big ring. 1.4”x1”x1”. The stone is 10.49 carats. The flower rises about .5” above the finger and is about 1” in diameter.

A statement ring. One of a kind.  Not for everyday wear.

The stone is in its natural state. I did the minimal amount of cutting needed to fit it into the ring.

I fell in love with this stone and had to go back 3 times before I bought it. Then I went through about 20 design changes. This one took a while to make and it's definitely one of a kind.

Modeled on a computer using Zbrush, 3D printed, cast from the print in silver, then finished with a liver of sulfur patina.

Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.