Offering Necklaces


Can be worn on any occasion.

Sterling silver with moonstone or tourmaline, 18” necklace including the hands. There are 3 versions each with 3 pieces to them.

The giving hands are .95” x .58” x .18”, and the offering hands are .94” x .48” x .25” approximately.

The moonstones are between 2 and 2.6 carats. They are repurposed from a really ugly brooch I bought from an antique dealer.

The tourmaline is 6.4 carats with lots of occlusions which makes it shimmery even with the smooth cut.

These are smaller pieces made from elements of the Giving Hands necklace.  A different way to explore giving as offerings.

Modeled on a computer using Zbrush, 3D printed, molded and cast in silver, then finished with a liver of sulfur patina.

Size and Measurements

Caring for Silver Jewelry

Allow 5-7 days for shipping. This piece has shipping insurance included in the price.

An email link is at the bottom of the page. Ask me anything about the piece.