Hope Cuff Bracelet


Darkened sterling silver.

The across the wrist measurement is 2.3". It's 1.8" inside front to back, the width of the wrist. The back opening is 1.3"

Very comfortable for small wrists.

When I came across architecture drawings of the future from the 1020s, I thought they were designy, detailed, impractical and funny when drawn in that heroic perspective. I used one in a quad symmetry to make the medallion for this bracelet. Recently it came to me that they were never meant to be about the future, but they were expressing the feeling that there was going to be a future. They were hopeful drawings. So this is the Hope bracelet.

I modeled this on the computer in Zbrush.  A 3d print of the model was used to make a mold for the wax. Then it was cast in silver. I do my own finishing and polishing.

Size and Measurements

Allow 5-7 days for shipping.