Bayeux Tapestry Bracelet


Sterling silver bracelet with 2 lobster clasps.

A slightly large bracelet, about 8 inches around. 

It has 9 pieces, the tallest are about 1.25 inches.

Based on the section of the Bayeux Tapestry where knights are proceeding into battle. I liked this section for its sense of movement. It reminded me of Muybridge photo sequences of motion, so I Muybridged the motion in the tapestry. It's celebrating a victory. This is not a shy bracelet. It's big and shouting.

I modeled this on the computer in Zbrush.  A 3d print of the model was used to make a mold for the wax. Then it was cast in silver. I do my own finishing and polishing.

Size and Measurements

Allow 5-7 days for shipping.