5 Tourmaline Spiral Ring


 Sterling silver. Size 8.5. The front is about .8" tall.

One of a kind.

A central green with tourmaline baguette with 4 delicate bi-colored rose and green baguettes on the sides surrounded by silver spirals. One baguette has a slight crack, which the setter repaired.

Not for everyday wear. A cocktail ring.

Making this was kind of like falling off a cliff. I bought the stones for a different design, which didn't work. Then the long, center pink stone broke and I could only find a green on to replace it. Then my scrolls got completely out of control and I swore never to do them again, but, really, they're fine.

It's a little more girly than I usually make but, hey, life needs variety. It's like wearing jeans all the time and suddenly putting on a skirt. The world looks different and that's not a bad thing.

I modeled this on the computer in Zbrush.  A 3d print of the model was used to make a mold for the wax. Then it was cast in silver. I do my own finishing and polishing.

Size and Measurements

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