Sleeping Cat Moonstone Necklace


Everyday or fancy. It's a fun necklace. This necklace isn't fragile, but you always need to take care with gemstones.

The beads say “cat” in fifteen different languages. Here's the order from right to left: Ukrainian, Malayalam, Telugu, Bosnian, Japanese, Icelandic, Tibetan, Greek, Korean, Punjabi, Chinese, Czech, Myanmar, Thai, Serbian.

I visually chose the languages. To me, writing is drawing so I loved the variety of ways one could say cat.

Cat's bodies are so fluid. This is my favorite cat sleeping position.  He's hugging a big cat's eye moonstone of course. Ode to cats I have known.

Sterling silver necklace. The chain is 16.5” with a 2.75” extension.

The moonstone is about 7 carats, 11.5mm in diameter and about 6mm in height.

The center cat is .9” x .8” x .5” height with the stone.

The height of the beads is about .16”, the widths and lengths all vary.

Designed and modeled on the computer using Zbrush, printed in a castable resin and cast in sterling silver, finished with a liver of sulfur patina, then waxed.

Size and Measurements

Caring for Silver Jewelry

Allow 5-7 days for shipping. This piece has shipping insurance included in the price.

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