Dendritic Agate Necklace


It can be worn carefully for everyday, but it's fine for fancy.

A sterling silver pendant with a 12.6 carat dendritic agate from India which measures 29mm x 20mm x 2mm. The pendant itself is 1.48" x .89" x .16" and is on a 17" chain.

I've always liked the more abstract dendritics better than the scenes. The emotion that comes from the piece is quite private when you can't figure out what you're seeing. This one is calm to me, like a quiet smile. Soothing. It asked for the frame.

One of a kind.

I modeled the frame on the computer in Zbrush, 3d printed it, had it cast and finished it with a liver of sulfur patina.

Size and Measurements

Caring for Silver Jewelry

Allow 5-7 days for shipping. This piece has shipping insurance included in the price.

An email link is at the bottom of the page. Ask me anything about the piece.