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Works in Progress, July, 2021

Works in Progress, July, 2021

They’re pretty much cleaned up. I forgot to cast 2 sets of shells for the earrings, so One set is still in the resin, which you can see on the right side of the photo. What’s left is patina, polish, and setting the gemstones.

My goal this year has been to have gemstones in all my pieces.

There will be 2 silver rings with garnets, one garnet is rhodolite. That’s the round cab. The other might be a dark spessarite. It’s the brownish, rectangular one.

The third silver ring will have a purple chalcedony that I cut out of a stone. You can see remnants of the material the chalcedony grew in.

The whispering earrings will have tiny blue sapphires. Those are the ones of the man and woman. One will be whispering into each ear.

Then the dragon earrings will not have stones. As of right now. It can change.

The Sleeping Cat silver necklace will have a cat’s eye moonstone (or course!). The beads on the necklace all say cat in different languages.

Then the hubcap bracelet is another working with my hubcaps. No gemstones yet. Truly a WIP.

Almost forgot the shell earrings. They will have purple garnet and peridot pieces in their hanging shells. I have to cast the second side because I forgot to print 2 copies the first time.