Hubcap Necklace


Sterling silver, 12 different hubcaps in a kind of chandelier necklace formation.

The basic chain is 17.5” with a 3” extensions. With all the extra pieces, it hangs about 10” down from the back of your neck.

Each of the hubcaps are .75” in diameter and .322” in depth. There really are 12 different rims based on actual hubcaps but finessed so they all go together. I went through so many configurations for this necklace. It's totally different from what I thought I was doing.

Confession: I spent a lot of time on buses doing film tech scouts and since I get motion sickness, I spent a lot of time staring out the window. So I looked a lot of hubcaps.

Modeled on a computer using Zbrush, 3D printed, molded and cast in silver, then finished with a liver of sulfur patina. It can be reproduced, but I might not do exactly the same configuration.

Size and Measurements

Caring for Silver Jewelry

I can make another in about 8 weeks.

An email link is at the bottom of the page. Ask me anything about the piece.